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I know it is a shameless rip-off but I seriously want a Peter/Scott  showdown fighting scene where Peter backs Scott into a corner and triumphantly sneers:

"So what are you going to do now, Scotty?"

and bloodied and bruised Stiles robs in from behind and with his last strenght rams his pocket knife in Peter’s foot and when Peter howls and stumbles around and stares disbelievingly at Stiles, Stiles just whispers: “I am the only one who gets to call him that…..”

And while Peter is distracted, Scott jumps on his feet, comes at Peter and rips his throat out and while Peter gurgles his life out on the ground, Scott flashes his Alpha eyes and a tiny little smile and just says:

You know, he’s right. He is the only one who gets to call me that.”


I aplogize for the shitty armada pic from my last post. It is a very specific shot from the movie “Troy” that I wanted and sadly this was the best I could find.

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Anonymous said: Hi Claudia! always so good to come here in your blog! I just wanted to ask you is it ok if I only love Tyler Posey the MOST and Tyler Hoe. Arden, Megan and the 2 new kids? Am I normal? Because I don’t feel normal/good person compared to the great majority of fandom. And also, I’m so proud of Tyler P for his new project! Too bad people are not realy talking about how important it is for him who wasn't shure about his acting talent until few months back!! so amazing to see his achievement!

Hi, Anon!

It is completely normal to have preferences and favourites. And you are not wrong if you do not like the fandom favourites. Sometimes actors make you uncomfortable with something they do or say and sometimes they just don’t click with you, while others just make you happy by being they way they are. Although I personally think that the cast of this show consists in the majority of very likeable actors and actresses, it is completely normal to like some better than others. There is no right or wrong. It is only important that you try to be fair when judging people/actors you do not really know or like and that you  do not apply double standards like for example criticizing others for the same things you overlook in your own favs.

And yes, I am so happy for Tyler.  A movie with the Hollywood A- league! Take this, haters!

When somebody asks me about my Scott ships…



Okay, so because of this post I’m imagining Scott sitting down and making up a McCall Pack weekly newsletter that he emails to everybody with the MSWord template and writing little pack updates like “Derek thinks it would be a good idea if we participated in the canned food drive down at the library, and I agree, so if you can (no pun intended lol) drop by and donate some food for a worthy cause!” And “When you see Lydia, congratulate her on her perfect SAT scores! We’re gonna take her bowling on Friday, so everybody bring your A-game!” And there’s adorable clip art and birthday reminders and recipes and a joke corner, and Stiles eventually just emails Scott and says, “Dude, I know you like doing this, but can you lay off the Comic Sans? It’s making my eyes bleed.”

So, for the “Remember When…?” section of the newsletter for the next week, Scott types up a 500 word essay in Papyrus font about the time Stiles threw up an entire box of fruit roll-ups in the second grade, thus losing a deck of Pokemon cards to Scott, who just gave them back because he felt sorry for Stiles. And Stiles emails him back with “LOL.”

Mostly, though, Scott just wants everyone to feel included. He doesn’t want anybody wondering if they matter to him and the rest of the group. That’s why he ends every newsletter with, “Stay safe, you guys.” It sounds cheesy, but it’s less weird than the “I love you all” he keeps wanting to add.

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scott & malia in 117

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But let’s face it, if Peter was the benefactor it would be so typical for him to put the highest bounties on Scott and Lydia because this would be basically like complimenting himself.