This moment though. This moment.

Because Derek and Scott have been bound together since the beginning. The bite tied them to one another whether they liked it or not—and neither of them did. And what I love so much about their dynamic is that you have a heroic character and an antihero. There’s going to be friction just by the very nature of who they are. Derek has been trying to get Scott to see the reality of his new world and go on the offensive. And now that Scott has accepted being a wolf, he’s been trying to force Derek to toe the line of morality. 

They might not realize it yet, but they are trying to make the other person stronger. Even when they don’t go about it in the best way, they are forcing the other person to grow and change and be better. 

So they’ve fought and yelled and pushed and threatened and now, now, after all of that: a show of trust. Because Scott knows, deep down, that Derek won’t abandon him. He knows that all the petty bullshit they’ve put each other through doesn’t mean anything in moments like this. 

Because they are pack. They’re like brothers. And when they need each other? Really need each other? They will always be there. 

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Teen Wolf Meme » Nine Scenes - Scott’s First Full Moon [4/9]

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You’ve never eaten sushi before, have you?

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Tyler Posey receives the Pages for Posey project at Bitecon in Los Angeles.

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“I have given my word that only death will take me from you.” ― Philippa Gregory

favourite ship/friendship; requested by howling-foxes


“I have given my word that only death will take me from you.” 
― Philippa Gregory

favourite ship/friendship; requested by howling-foxes

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 the hunter and the banshee 
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Oh yeah! Forgot to post it, but this was the art I did for the Executive Staff badges at Bite Con!

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