The double standards in this fandom never cease to amaze me.

most actual example:

Derek Hale keeps the existence of the Alpha pack from Scott for four months although he knows for a fact that they are after him and the people close to him and that they have already captured two of his betas. So Derek has every reason to assume that Scott and his family and friends are potentially in danger. Still he keeps the knowledge to himself, making it impossible for Scott, who is completely unaware of the threat,to take measures to protect himself and his close ones. We later learn that the Alpha pack knows about Scott and is after him. So Derek keeps a secret from Scott that could potentially have killed him any single second of this four months because he wants him to be a “normal teenager.”

The reaction of the fandom to his actions:

“OMG, look at our baby! Look how responsible he feels for Scott and how protective he is of him. It’s completely OK to keep life threatening secrets from Scott because he has a noble reason for it. He wants him to be a normal teenager! Keeping secrets is OK, in fact it is awesome when Derek Hale does it. That was absolutely the right thing to do! Sorry. what did you say? I cannot hear you over the awesome sound of Derek Hale’s character growth!”

Scott McCall keeps from Allison the fact that her mother tried to kill him. As long as her mother was still alive, he probably did not tell her because they had more important things to deal with and because he did not want to destroy the relationship between Allison and Victoria. After her death he keeps it to himself because he does not want to blemish Allisons memories of her mom. Keeping this secret endangers nobody and hurts nobody. In fact it is a sign of love because as long as Allison does not know she is able to remember her mom with feelings of fondness and love.

Fandom reaction to his actions:

“Scott McCall is the worst. How dare he keep such important information from Allison. He is irresponsible and selfish. And he surely has no noble reasons for it. Probably he has some very shady motives for not telling her. I am sure he lied when he said that he wanted her to remember her mom fondly. And it is never good to keep secrets. Allison deserves to know. It is unacceptable that she treats our darling Derek Hale like crap because Scott keeps the truth from her.”

So Derek is the hero for keeping a potentially life threatening secret from Scott because of his “noble” reasons and Scott is the villain because he keeps a secret that is hurtful to no other person than the person he keeps it from because he loves her and does not want her to hurt?

Wow. Just wow.


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